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 Meta Quest  SteamVR

Explore a Treacherous Temple in Room-Scale VR

Embark on an adventure to explore a vast and treacherous temple in the daring room-scale VR game Eye of the Temple. Keep your balance and your wits about you as you step between moving blocks, dodging hazardous traps and solving environmental puzzles with only your torch and whip in hand. As you explore the temple complex and its past, you might just uncover the mystery of the Eye and find yourself becoming part of its legend.

Traverse a vast environment

Eye of the Temple makes unique use of room-scale VR to deliver an experience of navigating an expansive space. Lose yourself in the depths of the temple without teleportation, artificial locomotion, or other distractions.

See this video to learn how it works behind the scenes

Use a fully physically simulated whip

Wield your trusty whip to grab levers and defend yourself from threats. Before long, you’ll have mastered it as a reliable tool and effective weapon, smacking enemies left and right.

An experience played with your own body

Step onto blocks, flick levers, stay on top of rolling cylinders, and dodge obstacles. Eye of the Temple is an exciting experience you’ll play not with controller buttons, but your body. It’s a physical game designed to be easily approachable regardless of whether you normally play video games.

Search for secret areas and treasures

The Great Temple holds secrets that only the most observant would stand any chance of finding. Be on the lookout during your playthrough, or return to search the temple after finishing the game.

Unlockable speedrun challenges

If you’re an extra daring adventurer, you can unlock speedrun challenges where you can build up incredible speed for a true test of your reflexes and temple-running prowess.

This game requires a play area of at least 2m x 2m.